Friday, September 18, 2009

ooh la la-FREE! organic mascara for the ladies

So i've been eying this mascara for a while now. It has a quality that's part tree nymph/part tinkerbell/part junior high. I've been waiting for my boring mascara to run out so that I can have an excuse to buy it. The day came. I visited my local rite aid, and noticed that some of the boxes have a fuschia, "try me free" sticker on them. Figuring there was probably some kind of catch, I bought the stickered one anyway. Well, there isn't a catch. If you go on onto you can get your entire $10 back! A sweet deal. The best part is, it is organic, cruelty free, recyclable, and it smells terrific. Oh and it works and doesn't clump too. In fact it has orange water, aloe, cucumber, rice protein, and olive oil in it.

FYI: Keep away from toddling youngsters -they have some sort of magnetic pull towards it. Mine ended up in the bathtub this morning.

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  1. Oh my! What a great tip! I've been eeking out the last of my expensive Lancome mascara and trying to figure out an alternative. You are so right. I'd be all over this in junior high...and mommy high! And Sadie & Stella will certainly be digging around in my drawer for it too. Woo hoo--it's even worth dealing with a trip to Rite Aid. :)