Wednesday, September 16, 2009

what the heck is macrobiotics?? -intro

Sometimes I tell people that I went to macrobiotic cooking school and they say, "OH, you're a microbiologist?" No, not quite. Macrobiotics was popular in the 60's and 70's, and was the catalyst for the natural, organic foods movement and alternative and complementary medicine in the United States. Recently it has had a resurgence. Restaurants and cafes are popping up, books are being written, and ex-devotees to the Atkins diet are realizing the value in whole grains once more. Macrobiotics is more of a philosophy than a diet. Instead of guiding us on what not to eat, it opens us up to the abundance of foods we can eat. It provides us with balanced guidelines, and warns us of extremes, without actually forbidding anything. "Macro" means large and "bio" means life. It is the art of creating a big life-a rich, full, exciting, healthy life. As Jessica Porter puts it in, "The Hip Chick's guide to Macrobiotics", it is about tuning into the universe and being in harmony with it. It begins by understanding the grand forces that govern us-the pulse of the universe. The universe expands and contracts. Whatever you call this force, we are all products of this active, pulsing creation. Our hearts beat, our lungs fill and empty, and our pupils dilate and contract. As we live in harmony with the pulse around us, we become more graceful, happy, and free...

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