Wednesday, September 23, 2009

rice balls...perfect for a lunch box, road trip, or picnic

When I traveled across country, L.A to Massachusetts and back, both times I packed rice balls. I made enough for almost the whole journey. It beats trying to find healthy snacks at gas stations in the mid west. Rice balls are easy to make, fun to eat, filling, and chock full of minerals. They are perfect for a camping trip, a quick breakfast, or a simple lunch. There is no need for plates or utensils to eat them, and they keep fresh for a few days without refrigeration.
The macrobiotic alternative to fast food!
You will need:
A package of nori
cooked brown rice
umeboshi plums, (make sure they are the pure kind that do not have red coloring, they should be a pale pink color)
Roll a ball of rice like a snowball. Pack it tight. You may need to dampen your hands slightly to make a ball.
Press a hole in the center with your thumb and place a small piece of umeboshi inside. Then close the hole and press the ball together until it is solid.
Set down the rice ball and wipe off or wash any remaining grains of rice from your hands. Fold a piece of nori in half, and then tear along that line. Slightly dampen your hands. Take the first half of nori and wrap around the rice ball, the shiny side facing out; do the snowball roll again to stick it on to the rice. Dampen hands again slightly and repeat with the other half of the sheet, completely covering the rice ball.
This may take a little practice at first, but you'll quickly catch on!

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