Thursday, September 10, 2009

solar tea

I bolted into one of my favorite thrift stores before closing the other day to take a quick peek. Only ever so often do I find something in 2 minutes flat that I really really like. I don't have the patience, time, or energy to meander down the aisles like I used to anymore, especially with a writhing Sylvie on my hip with her hand up my shirt. My find was a glass globe with an orange sleeping sun on the front, and in vintage font the words, "solar tea". Now i've made sun tea before, but these $1.99 doo-dad really inspired me. Sylvie sat in the sink while I scrubbed thirty years of invisible potential residue off of the thing. It looked sparkling clean to me, but in order to instantly placate Ryan with, "Yes, honey of course I scrubbed the bejeeezes out of that thing", I did the job. Adding fresh mint from the garden to dandelion tea, cranberry tea, and of course good ole English PG TIPS gave the drink just the hint of al fresco that it needed. An hour later, the sun had warmed the tea to an ambery red perfection. Ryan came home to a glass of cool herbal ice tea sweetened with a hint of agave nectar and garnished with a wedge of lime. He was so blissed he didn't even ask, "How well did you clean that thing?!".

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