Tuesday, September 22, 2009

macrobiotics in the fall

Macrobiotic cooking in the fall is probably my favorite. I love root vegetables, and stews, and there is no nicer way to adapt to the early darkening sky and cooler nights than returning home to be cozy and share a warm and seasonal meal.

Here are the guidelines:

-Local, Seasonal, Organic, as much as possible.
-The featured grain is millet.
-Round shaped vegetables, such as onions, squashes, and turnips. They have a wonderful naturally sweet taste when cooked.
-Contracted leafy greens, such as daikon, turnip, carrot tops, kale, and autumn fruits
-Richer, heartier dishes, and emphasis on bean stews, sauteed vegetables, grain stews, soups.
-Longer cooking time.
-A little more oil and salt
-Fewer raw foods.
-Vegetables cut in larger sizes

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