Friday, September 18, 2009

What the heck is macrobiotics? yin and yang

The two forces that govern our universe according to macrobiotics are yin and yang. This philosophy that is the basis of macrobiotics is to be found in Zen Buddhism, ancient Oriental medicine and the I Ching. All life on earth is busy balancing these two complementary opposites of expansion and contraction; yin and yang. Contraction holds our bodies together, in a dense compact mass. Gravity is the strongest contractive force. It is yang. Expansive forces, such a s centrifugality, pull against gravity to create the atmosphere all around us, enabling us to breathe, move around, think and feel. Centrifugality is yin. Day/Night, Male/Female, Hot/Cold, Active/Calm. All life is made up of this complementary opposite energy that is forever changing into one another. Food can also be looked at as yin and yang. Knowing the yin-yang factor in food helps us to maintain balance within ourselves, and stay in good health.

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