Sunday, September 13, 2009

soup for breakfast: Good Morning!-summer morning miso

This is a miso that I've made many mornings. I like soup for breakfast. Eating a bowl of miso, in the early morning, before the day warms up really gets me going. It is a great substitute for caffeine, and I find I have a productive day after eating this-minus the jitters. This one looks like a bowl of sunshine with all the white and yellow in it. Add last nights brown rice or quinoa for a little more substance if you like.

you will need:

sweet white miso ( whole foods)
wakame sea vegetable (whole foods)
organic sweet corn (i get this frozen)
medium yellow onion
firm tofu (buy 1 package and cut into little cubes)
scallion or green onion

I don't measure my ingredients. I'm sorry-that may be a pain for some of you!
I usually make enough for about 3-4 servings...

Bring some water to boil with some pieces of wakame (it expands quite a bit so cut the wakame in small pieces).
add yellow onion, tofu, and sweet corn, and cooked rice if you like
bring water to medium low boil, until onion is cooked but NOT mushy
Use some of your water to mix with miso paste in a mug. Don't be shy with the miso, but don't over use either or your soup will be too salty. I usually use a heaping tablespoon, and then add more if needed from their.
Turn off stove, and when water has stopped boiling, add miso paste to flavor soup. Do not add miso to boiling water! It destroys the miso!
Add green onion sliced on the diagonal to garnish.

Good Morning!

*food fact: Wakame is very high in calcium, thiamine, niacin and B12. It is traditionally used in Oriental Medicine to purify the blood, strengthen the intestines, skin, and hair. It is beneficial to the reproductive organs, and to help regulate women's cycles.

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