Friday, September 25, 2009

macrobiotics- the yin and yang of food-part 2

Okay...So this is the info you've all been waiting for.

What are the extreme yin and extreme yang foods specifically for a temperate climate? Which foods are suggested for daily balance in a temperate climate?

Yin to Yang Foods

Processed and Chemically enhanced foods
Sugar and Coffee
Honey and Spices
Butter and Oil
Tropical fruits
Potato and tomato
Local Fruit and Nuts
Leafy greens and Seeds
Roots and Winter Squash
Beans and Sea vegetables
Whole Grains
Red Meat
Miso and Tamari

As you can see, the foods in the middle are neither extremely expansive, such as alcohol (relaxing, un-grounding) or extremely contractive, red meat (tensing, grounding).

That's why the basic macrobiotic diet consists of whole grains, vegetables, (leafy, round and root), sea vegetables, beans, seeds nuts and fruit. These foods provide us with the most balanced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.

Once we know this we can food becomes powerful, we can "play" with our food, and create the life we want...

These basic foods are the traditional foods that protected our ancestors from many of the degenerative disorders that we suffer from today. Throughout the world, vegetables, beans and grains have been the staples of the traditional diet. In general, animal proteins, including meat, eggs, and dairy products, were used much less frequently than present, while people in temperate climates rarely ate products imported from the tropics.

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