Sunday, September 13, 2009

baked bananas

Okay so I know there are fancier ways of making these...but i'm into simple recipes. This is how it happened. Sylvie likes bananas, but she usually only eats half and then grinds the rest into a creamy banana puree that she likes to use as a sort of hair conditioner. Well, considering she was bathed and eucalyptus scented yesterday; when she got to the half way point in the banana eating game...I put the rest of it in the fridge. Well this happened twice, without me realizing that I had put two half eaten bananas in the fridge.
This morning, upon seated in her high chair, there she was again pointing and grunting, at the bananas, and then to herself. I smugly pulled not one but two half eaten bananas out of the fridge setting them proudly in front of her like the good mama I am. She replied by shivering, frowning, and pointing, at the bananas and then to me. She wanted to eat and imminently and she was telling me with baby sign language that they were cold. The microwave has become a sort of relic in our kitchen at this point. So, with vague memories of my Louisianian girlfriend and her debutantes attempting to force feed me fried bananas and whipped cream back in my vegan days , I popped those bananas into the oven on 350 for about 20 minutes. It smelled like an ice cream parlor in the house. Oddly enough, Ryan and Sylvie left to get bagels just when the timer was about to go off. So, I sat down to a warm bowl of bananas topped with a little earthbalance (healthy margarine), cinnamon, and a smattering of brown sugar and a quiet house. Yum. and I don't even like dessert.
According to macrobiotic philosophy, bananas are considered too yin for people in our temperate climate to be eating. They are best suited for a tropical climate. I don't really follow a strict macrobiotic diet, and so will eat the occasional banana, even though I do my best to eat seasonally and locally. Baking the banana is a cooking method that yangizes it, and so makes it a more balanced food to eat...Coming soon-the basics of Yin and Yang as it applies to macrobiotic food philosophy!

* I just found a recipe for baked bananas in my organic baby cookbook that has the bananas topped with yogurt, a little honey, and sliced almonds. YUM!

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