Wednesday, October 14, 2009

rad and amazing tofu dippers

Sylvie likes to dip anything in everything. Her grandma Jane taught her this handy trick while at a visit to Sylvie's favorite restaurant, Pomodoro. At Pomodoro ,Sylvie dips warm bread in a pesto sauce, no more than three times each bite, a favorite dinnertime ritual.
Well now the ritual has become more like an obsession. Anything she eats, (and doesn't eat) is now dip-worthy... she spent 15 minutes of a play date teaching her friend Sadie to dip raw carrot sticks in water. almond butter sandwiches are now slathered in applesauce, and of course my cell phone is tenderly dipped in my oatmeal.
So I decided to indulge her, with something appropriately dippable-tofu dippers!

If you like fish sticks and or french fries, you'll love these!

You'll need:

1 package of extra firm tofu
1 egg
whole wheat flour
a vegetable oil, (i used safflower)
pretzel sticks

sauce 1

pickle spear chopped

sauce 2
natural ketchup
lemon juice

directions (serves 4)

1. wrap tofu with paper towels and press to absorb all excess water from tofu. careful not to break tofu. cut into 1/2 inch width and 2 inch lengths.
2. whisk egg in a medium bowl. tofu on a plate and coat all sides lightly with flour. Dip into whisked egg, then transfer tofu sticks into a bowl of bread crumbs, coating all sides.
4. heat oil, about 1/2 inch in a large frying pan. Add tofu and cook until color is a golden brown.
5. Use pretzels as "sticks" to insert in each dipper.


  1. Katie these look tasty! I love the fact that you can eat the stick! I'm going to try and make these sometime.

  2. Fantastic! I have most of these ingredients already and can't wait to try it. Question: do you serve hot/warm or cold? Yes, the carrots in water was a bonding moment for our girls. Sadie has always enjoyed "dunking" her food in her glass of milk but never "dipping" with the finesse that Sylvie demonstrated. She's such a proper lady.

  3. Todd,

    You will LOVE these!


    Serve them warm. The tofu retains heat pretty well, so check the center or cool well before serving to the kids. Thanks for reminding me to note that!