Saturday, October 3, 2009

chilly fall morning-soft rice and squash breakfast

I always have a leftover grain to use for a lunch stir fry, rice balls, even breakfast. Sometimes it's barley, sometimes quinoa, sometimes oats. This morning it was brown rice. I also had some kabocha squash and onions left over from my squash I decided to make it for breakfast. I was up at 5am, and crept out of the room, careful not to disturb the baby, who seems to make her way into our bed halfway through the night, inching her way over until Ryan, the cat and I are almost falling off the bed. Finally, it's beginning to feel like a chilly fall morning, my feet are cold, and I want a hot cup of tea.
Making soft rice is so easy, just put the leftover rice in a pot and cover with water, bring to a boil and then cook on low for about 40 min, till the rice is soft. I like using this time to stretch or check facebook, (oops did I say facebook?), uh, I meant do yoga; It's hard to update your status and do sun salutations at the same time, so keep the computer turned off:) The house warms up,a gentle sweet rice smell wafting all the way upstairs and waking Ryan, just in time for daddy to keep the baby from toppling over the bed rail, guard his nipples from sylvie's pinching fingers, or do the dishes. The kabocha squash melts into the rice, giving it a peachy- orange color. Garnish with a little purply shiso leaf condiment, scallion, or nori strips, and you've got a delicious autumn breakfast. Not to mention, Sylvie ADORED it, as it's nice and sweet.
If only there were a pile of leaves outside to jump in, but alas not here. As non-seasonal L.A is, I find that eating locally and seasonally really connects me to what is really going on around me, and reminds me that there is still a cycle of transformation happening, as subtle as it is.

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