Friday, October 2, 2009

gingery-kabocha squash pureed soup

It's been a long week. Sylvie's 1st birthday, auditions, tutoring, bracelet making. I haven't posted a recipe in a few days...and I have enough followers now to suspect that I may have been missed...maybe?:)

I had enough of rice balls, lara bars, fruit, trail mix, salad and noodles...all the quick foods I eat when I don't have time to cook. After a long week though, I wanted something warming but not too elaborate...Tangy tempeh sandwich, steamed kale with a light dressing, and gingery squash soup...and of course a cold local amber ale to relax!

Here's what you'll need for the soup: Serves 2-3

a medium kabocha squash, organic and washed. There is a variety of squash called the hokkiado pumpkin, that may also be used. It is similar, and also delicious. Make sure the rind is free of soft spots or cracks.
grated fresh ginger
sea salt
1 medium onion-diced
sprig of parsley

Kabocha Squash is probably my favorite squash. It's rich, creamy, and naturally very sweet. Medicinally it is very calming and soothing to the body, especially to the spleen, pancreas, and stomach.
Cut the kabocha in half with a large sharp knife. (I needed help, this squash is tough). Put half away or cook for another meal, and remove the seeds from the other half. The seeds may be saved for roasting separately if you like. Cut up into medium chunks, leaving the skin on. The skin is edible and nutritious. and of course soft when cooked! Bring to a boil in a pot, reduce to med low, and simmer for about 10 minutes. After the first 5 minutes add diced onion. Puree squash and onion in a blender, add grated ginger, pinch of salt and a dash of pepper. Puree till creamy. Garnish with a sprig of parsley.
Don't forget to experiment. Squash soup can be made with miso, with a grain such as millet or rice, garnished with scallion, any other ideas? Let me know!
Macro Food Facts:
-Fresh winter squash keeps for about a month at room temperature.
-It is an excellent source of both vitamin A and potassium, complex carbohydrates, and beta carotene-an antixodant.
-Winter squash is soothing for digestive problems.

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  1. This looks delicious, healthy and easy to make. Thanks for sharing.